Changing The Narratives

Changing The Narratives focused on exploring the connection between mental health and art, delving into the concept of well-being among young people in today’s post-pandemic society.

We chose graphic novels as our main expressive medium because they offer a fresh and stimulating way to communicate complex and personal topics.


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Asociación Brújula Intercultural
Suderbyn Ecovillage & NGO Relearn
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Art is a Powerful Tool

Our Youth Exchange project aimed to address the unfortunate rise of mental illness and psychological distress in young people, despite the increasing public debate on mental health. We firmly believe that Art, in all its forms, is a powerful tool to combat stigma, raise awareness, and provide a means for young people to express themselves.


The Learning Process

Throughout the project, we employed non-formal education methods with a “Learning by doing” approach. We wanted to stimulate the learning process and develop both soft and hard skills in the participants through artistic and creative activities. Everyone had an active role and could contribute their own thoughts and sensibility. We also organized workshops where professional artists taught drawing, storytelling, and graphic design skills to help participants create their own graphic novels. We fostered a compassionate and safe environment where everyone could freely express themselves, and where mistakes were seen as a natural part of the learning process.


Outcomes and Showcase

By the end of the project, the participants had created 16 unique short graphic novels centered around mental health in young people. They utilized the skills and knowledge they had acquired throughout the program.

To showcase the outcomes, we organized an event in San Donato Milanese during the “Civil Week” in collaboration with the local association “Sandocalling,” and the municipality. At this event, participants presented their work, participated in art and sustainability workshops, and had the opportunity to connect with local young people. It was a fantastic opportunity to share their creations and engage with the community.


Life Without You

by Maria (Spain), Sergio (Spain)

Take a Moment and Breath

by Shona (Sweden/Ireland)

To Be Stuck

by Anna Marija (Latvia)


by Natella (Latvia)

Your Own Kind

by Eva (Estonia)

Finding Self Love

by Ami (Germany)

Funky Town

by Lea (Germany), Barbara(Colombia), Giosuè(Italy), Giorgio (Italy), Zahra (Afghanistan)

Ciao Bella!

by Liliia-Sarra (Sweden/Ukraine), Charlie (Sweden), Anna (Sweden/Poland)

Consequences of Bullying in Childhood

by Irina (Latvia)

Blossoming Mind

by Salome (Sweden/Georgia)

Unconditional Love

by Anni (Estonia)

Me and My Past

by Anni Marii (Estonia)

Life Boundaries Dropping

by Daria (Estonia), Marieta (Estonia)

Sharing is Healing

by Hellä (Estonia)

The Overthinking Chronicles

by Liza (Latvia)

Katy the Cat

by Mariam (Germany), Marta (Spain), Irene (Spain), Paula (Spain) and Elaine (Spain/Venezuela)