Video, Vidi, Vicit

One project, eleven elders, two videos to tell stories of life within life after retirement.

VIDEO: Reinventing Yourself
Vittorio is 85. He walks 7 km daily, carves wood art for free for the whole town, and enjoys being alone… until his big family shows up!

VIDEO: What Does It Make You Feel Good?
During the Covid-19 pandemic, a handful of social workers assisting elderly people learned the basics of video-making and asked their beneficiaries one question: “What does it make you feel good?”

Primi Piani APS was asked to join the project with a double purpose: training social workers and elders about video-making and sound recording and producing one short film.
The training brought a dozen social workers to record heartfelt insights about the lives of ten elders. At the same time, we produced a short film about the hectic life of Vittorio, a man who doesn’t fit into stereotypes.
The project was born during the pandemic due to the incredible gems the social workers witnessed while caring for the elders, who were often struck by isolation and loneliness.

The project was presented through a series of events at town halls in several local communities in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, registering the participation of many seniors, their families, and citizens interested in creating or strengthening the link with the third, fourth, and fifth ages.
Given the success of the project, municipalities that did not originally participate in the event requested to be able to screen the work and create new moments of encounter.

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