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Erasmus+ International YE

10 days in the Italian countryside. 36 youngsters. Non-formal education, video-making, photography and storytelling… and one question: What is the meaning of home?

The Youth Exchange aimed at exploring the concepts of home, the right to have one, personal and gender identity, deepening reflection on social issues as immigration/integration and active citizenship, through audiovisual/multimedia language, NFE (non-formal education) and intercultural learning.

The main objectives of the project were stimulating a critical and creative reflection on social complex issues – like being a migrant in the EU and building a mutual integration – understand the power of communication, solve conflicts, and to be known by the others with our personal story, roots, and culture.

Starting from an in-depth analysis of the versatile meanings of home, the young participants opened debates about the current challenges to live together in a growing multicultural society, and the endemic need to build intercultural identities truly inclusive.

Thanks to the use of the audiovisual/multimedia language and various creative NFE sessions, the participants learnt how to craft promotional videos and pictures with basic equipment so to create an impact online through Social Media, at European level, and in their own local communities.

Partners and Sponsorships

Kora Italia
Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu
MTU Kora Estonia
La Buona Terra